Surgical treatment

“The best surgeon is the one who cuts out least.”

This motto reflects the uncompromising application of organ-preserving and quality-of-life-oriented surgery that Prof. Michael Gnant, MD, is committed to. When a surgical intervention becomes necessary, it is carried out by an experienced team – under up-to-date quality control and in one of the best hospitals in Vienna.

The range of services offered at Chirurgie beim Rathaus – the “Surgery at the Town Hall” in Vienna – comprises all interventions of general surgery, including abdominal surgery (inguinal hernia, gall bladder, proctology) in addition to epigastric surgery of the pancreas and liver.

Alongside specialist surgical perfection, the prerequisite for the successful treatment of malignant tumors is clearly interdisciplinary collaboration. We are proud to adhere to this concept and treat

  • Gastric, hepatic, gall bladder and pancreatic tumors
  • Cancers of the small and large intestine, as well as rectal tumors
  • Breast cancers
  • Tumors of the thyroid
  • Metastatic disease

We are convinced that intensive preoperative and follow-up support is a self-evident expression of comprehensive and holistically oriented care.

In order to facilitate adequate preparation, patients are requested to make an appointment either by telephone or e-mail.



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