Dr. Gnant in person

“The wonder of man, and the fascination of being able to help sick people” together inspired the young student Michael Gnant to become a physician. Swift in realizing this intention, he completed his studies in minimum time – and decided to become a surgeon at halftime

Dr. Gnant has always been interested in a view over the borders and, consistently, was happy to spend a lot of time studying abroad. He reached the crest when he enjoyed a one-year research period as a Fellow and then as a Visiting Scientist at the National Cancer Institute in Bethesda, USA – a mecca for cancer researchers.

Upon returning to Europe, Dr. Gnant became a professor of surgical-experimental oncology in 2004 and, in 2008, was appointed professor of surgery at Vienna Medical University, presently serving as Deputy Director at the Department of Surgery. He was unanimously elected as president of the prosperous Austrian Breast & Colorectal Cancer Study Group in 2005. Apart from general surgery, his chief field of activity is surgical oncology, particularly applying to breast and pancreatic cancer, clinical studies and experimental immunotherapy.

Dr. Gnant, commenting on his objectives, “My desire is to be a helper, a counselor and a supporter in my patients’ processes of coping with their disease.”

Michael Gnant has published more than 250 original papers in peer-reviewed journals, he has held hundreds of national and international talks, and served as an experienced principle investigator in numerous clinical trials. His work in cancer research and promoting health and research has been recognized with dozens of research prizes and awards. He is a member of numerous associations, in Austria and abroad, and a reviewer for high-ranking journals.

Balancing professional life, the father of two daughters enjoys spending time with his family, in addition to jogging, hiking and Nordic Walking.